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The Attic Band

The band in their present form got together back in July 2010. Lucy, Karl and Denise brought with them over 40 years each of performing and recording music, both professionally and for the sheer love of it. What they discovered when all three first got together, was a beautiful, colourful and unique blend of their voices. "Like a perfectly tuned drum" From then on, they each went in search for songs to bring out that blend - from an old barbershop arrangement of 'Carry Me Back To Old Virginny' to the much more recent and haunting Gillian Welch song 'Caleb Meyer'.  Future plans include writing more of their own songs and forming their own independent record label.

Whilst working with people with enduring mental health problems, Denise found her natural voice She formed a choir with them and was successful in achieving her goal which was to promote confidence and community in the society of The St. Vincent de Paul.  She later joined  The Vulnerable Beads and did local gigs in a variety of clubs and buskers nights.

Lucy found Denise by sharing those nights and discovered that they could work together using natural harmony and enjoying their own range of songs.

Karl arrived via the big band which he and Lucy both work in. Horace Silverman and the White Gardenias have been together for three years or more.  The big band has a wide range of music from the thirties and forties which is their specialism.  It was from this that Karl Denise and Lucy decided that a trio would be a natural progression from the musical style.

The three together have a unique vocal blend and present old songs in new ways.

They perform at private parties, in clubs, and at theatres, enjoying the whole process of music making.